Wednesday, March 17, 2010

IE9 - end of Flash(Silverlight)?

Interesting page dedicated to IE9 - Microsoft has decided to support SVG, HTML5 including hardware-backed rendering and better CSS-3 standards.
What is missing as of today is Canvas object model though rumor has it - Microsoft will support it,
consequently question arises - if all modern browsers support:

1. Consistent DOM event model
2. Fast JavaScript (they have made it already 7+ times faster in IE9 vs IE8)
3. Direct drawing capability (Canvas) with styling and prof anti-aliasing
4. Vector graphic support built-in: SVG/Canvas
5. HTML -level  audio and video tags (no player plugins)

, then does Flash (and especially Silverlight) have any future in 5 years from now?

This makes perfect sense - browser becomes "Flash", and for those who claim that JavaScript is "not a language" suitable for development
I recommend to re-evaluate their perceptions - Java Script is VERY powerful if you know how to organize code in 
 namespaces and use encapsulation and other OO patterns that ARE available in JS.

See this:


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